The conundrum of large stories!

So for the better part of the last five years I have been working on a story.  A long  story, a Sci Fi extravaganza beyond compare.  It started out as a random idea about a new galactic setting that I came up with one evening in a fit of unrelenting creative writing.  The world formed around itself until it took on it’s own existence.

This world soon turned into the basis for an RP that I ran based on D&D Modern 3.5 rules.  Something along the lines of Eve meets Firefly meets Bond but with lots more space and intrigue!  The characters both NPC and PC started the story and established the action and suspense that really drove my thoughts on how I could incorporate all sorts of different plot lines, stories and ideas into this world.  The game went on, I would like to think we had lots of fun and developed a good story.  Unfortunately, like most games real life got in the way and the game ended.

I would like to thank my players for helping me set a nice baseline for the story even if we never finished it.  And after a few years of slowly chipping away at the story, I started making some headway only to be stopped by more real life and very little time to write.

Now, I’ve been contemplating what direction to take with the story.  There are questions of plot lines, how protagonists and antagonists interact with each other that I still haven’t answered.  I guess this is the problem with creating big stories with lots of directions to go.  Now I feel how George R. R. Martin feels trying to keep up with what season HBO is on.

I’ve contemplated writing individual stories and weaving them together to see how they fit.  I’ve considered writing the ending and working my way backward.  And of course I’ve considered putting it in a drawer and never looking back.  I know many authors and writers go through this, and eventually the either quit or succeed.  So the question is where to go from here.


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