Blind Leading the Blind…

Ok, so I’ve been a way for a while, but I finally have something on my mind that I think warrants a little discussion. Today we live in an age where information is readily available at the touch of a button, but yet we have some of the most disconnected people walking around day in and day out who only listen to what they are fed. Yes….I said FED!

Before I go further with that let me clarify. In the United States we have a Journalistic opportunity that many countries in the world don’t have, free speech. Our news organizations and media outlets have the rights and protections from the infringement of free speech because the founding fathers felt it was necessary to keep an informed population aware of what government was doing.  There is a reason the 1st Amendment to the Constitution talks about Free Speech and Freedom of Religion.  Unfortunately, today the media feeds it’s listeners what THEY think the listeners should hear and not necessarily the truth.

Now let me caveat something here for those of you who are about to tune me out. I consider myself to have somewhat Conservative views when it comes to the way I want to live me life. I want to keep my money in my pocket and not give it to the government. I want to be able to do what I want as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights and liberties of others. And I want to feel that I can say what I want without fear of being silenced or intimidated for my beliefs. I’m also fairly socially open minded. I have no issue with gay right, abortion rights or any other rights. As long as what you’re doing doesn’t interfere with my pursuit of life liberty and happiness, the do whatever the fuck you want. Oh, by the way….did I mention LIFE, LIBERTY AND Pursuit of HAPPINESS?? You do remember what those are right? Remember where those words came from?? If not then I think we need to have a completely different discussion.

That being said…My beef is not only with the Media, but with the people.  We call them the low information voters.  The people who care more about Jay-Z and Kim breaking than you do about how screwed up the country that gives you the right to care about Jay-Z and Kim is.  In a world of constant unending information availability I find it hard to believe that people are SOOOOO detached from what’s going on in the world that they believe EVERYTHING a news source, blog or twitter comment says.  Take for example the situation in Israel.  Judging by what you see on the news, you would think that everyone in the whole world believes that Israel just arbitrarily decided to roll tanks and troops into Gaza to start blowing up schools and killing children.  If you truly believe that, you need to get out of my country.  How many people ever hear anything about Hamas putting children and civilians in the tunnels that the Israelis are trying to destroy.  The tunnels that Hamas uses to sneak into Israel in the dead of night, kidnap innocent children and murder them so they can throw their bodies in ditches on the side of the road.  How many people know that Hamas on a daily basis launches Rockets from the yards of Schools and apartment complexes into Israel killing innocent civilians and kids simply because they believe that Israel and the Jews shouldn’t exist.  And that the Israelis in an attempt to stop this, are destroying schools and apartment buildings being used as shields for these rockets and providing warning shots to the inhabitants of those structures that they are about to be destroyed.  Oh…did I mention that Hamas tells the children and civilians that if they leave the buildings they will be shot.

Does the news want you to know that?  Do you take the time to seek out the truth for yourself, or do you blindly follow what the news FEEDS you because you have stopped caring.  Is the winner of America’s Next Top Model SOOOOOO Fucking important that you can’t spend time out of your day trying to figure out why your own government needs to ARM the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Homeland Security with Armored vehicles and automatic weapons?

The news media of today’s world have made themselves obsolete because they refuse to seek out the truth rather than propagate the current talking points and ideology.  The news media today has chosen sides, which in history tended to lead to generally bad outcomes for the populations of the countries they existed in.  When a government controls the message, and controls the media they control the people.  The Soviets did it, The North Koreans do it, The Chinese do it, and it’s slowly becoming evident that our government is doing it.

If you’ve read this to this point and you still don’t care about what’s going on in the world or whether you’re getting the truth, then I don’t think anything I say is going to drive you to ask the questions that need asking.  If I’ve given you something new to think about or a new way to look at the information that’s being dished out, then my work here is done.

Don’t blindly follow those who’s only agenda is for you to accept their point of view.  Your freedoms and rights are based on the concept that this is a country for the people by the people.  If the people are informed and intelligently challenging the information they are given, governments and people in power are less likely to try and take your rights away from you.


One thought on “Blind Leading the Blind…

  1. Do you know what the real problem is?


    People don’t care. They *choose* to let themselves be fed jingoistic information because they just don’t care enough to know what the truth really is. They’re lazy. Research is hard, and it detracts from the fantasy world they’ve built within their heads. We have become a society of facades – image is more important than truth or stability. That the government takes advantage of this should be no surprise.

    And really, if they didn’t, someone else would. And will.

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