Chronicles of Rah: Cypher

So a number of years ago, some friends of mine started an RPG based in a futuristic world of my creation.  It was a hard world, like so many are.  A great oppressive “Republic” government beholden to Mega Corporations spanning thousands of light years.  Our hero’s were unique in their talents and personalities and the story they were embroiled in one of adventure, intrigue and politics.

Needless to say, our game like so many others, ended abruptly due to schedules and deployments.  But the idea, the spirit never died.

A few years later I decided I wanted to bring that world to life.  A chance to take my creation to a new reality and share my world with everyone.  This became the focus of my new book series; which is coming out in May.

Pulled from the stories our daring hero’s, I developed their story, honed the rough edges in hopes of creating a jewel that others would enjoy sharing.  And with that the Chronicles of Rah were created.

The curious aspect of characters created by other people and absorbed into a story of my making was the need to capture their voice.  The character of Rah, one of the main characters in our RPG was the creating of my friend and brother Mark.  His voice is universally unique and he brought a certain life to Rah.  A life I wanted to continue.  Of course, unless I was going to have Mark write the scenes of Rah’s character, I needed to assume that voice and make it my own.

With the permission of Mark, I took on the voice of Rah but found it was hard to understand that voice having not breathed life into him.  And that is the spark that created the first in the Chronicles of Rah series.  Cypher is a novella based on the events in Rah’s life that brought him to the events of the first main book Operation Mobius.

Cypher was an interesting test for me in that it was the first time I’d ever assumed the voice of a character I hadn’t actually created.  It was also the first time I’d written an extended length story in first person.  A writer can learn a lot about issues with writing when they write in first person.  Sometimes the way we think and the way we write don’t actually jibe.

I hope you will take a look at Cypher and enjoy it as a prelude to the series release in May.  Tell your friends, share your thoughts.