Chronicles of Rah: Ultraviolet

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March 31, 2017

Continuing to build the world of the Chronicles of Rah series for my readers I thought it would be nice to give you a little introduction to one of the primary characters, Violet Black who was introduced in Chronicles of Rah: Cypher.

Violet started out in the mind of my friend Jessica as part of the aforementioned RPG and was later built upon by my friend M.R. Baron. The following introduction is a collaborative effort between Mark and I to bring Violet to life for my readers. I hope you enjoy.

“Go spit you dreccing bitch!” Titus Creech growled between maroon streams of blood falling from his mouth. Above him stood Violet Black, a head taller than I am, long raven black hair with a soft tint of purple hanging down across her soft angular face as she stares down at Titus with a predatory look in her eye. Her athletic figure tight and bound up in a violet bodysuit, her ample chest straining against the leather top as she fought to catch her breath.

There was something so dangerous and alluring about her, as she stood over a man twice her size, wild and wicked, pushing the silky sweat soaked locks of hair from her face.

To many throughout the rim of Republic space she’s known as Violet Black, but also as Ultraviolet in a number of shadier circles. Never mind her penchant for purple as a favorite color, the moniker Ultraviolet tended to stem from rumors of unseen violet blurs reported by those unlucky souls tracked down by this particular bounty hunter. To many it quickly became appropriate to those who underestimated my lovely friend only to find themselves quickly burned in her presence. This of course brings me back to our unfortunate friend kneeling, broken and bruised on the ground before her.

How does a man like Titus Creech find himself in such an unhappy state at the feet of a girl like Violet Black you may ask? First you need to understand she is much more than just a girl, Violet first and foremost is the daughter of Pinky Black. Notorious in his own right and feared by many in less social circles, Pinky established a very powerful reputation as an interplanetary bounty hunter. Forget the stories of particularly troublesome bounties finding themselves chained up in open airlocks as Pinky exited planetary atmosphere or those poor souls dragged through the streets of Haelstrom for all to see after running from Pinky. All one needs to remember is that Pinky Black’s reputation as the most ruthless, toughest, and downright meanest man to ever set foot on a starship comes from the fact that in twenty years of hunting, Pinky never failed to collect a bounty. Unfortunately, Titus Creech found out a lot quicker than he could have ever imagined how much of that perniciousness rubbed off on Pinky Black’s sweet little girl.

So as you preview the scene before you, and wonder how a man like me wound up with a partner like Violet Black, let me clarify our situation. While I refer to Violet as my partner in crime, the emphasis there needs to be on crime, not partner. Of course there have been a sparse couple of times we have crossed that line, mostly because of Violet’s susceptibility to my phermonic charms, ours is strictly a professional partnership. The plus side of having dallied where professional partners never should is how it has led to a marvelous partnership.

Which brings me back to Titus Creech, and the workout Violet is giving his body, as another groan escapes his lips along with a spray of blood. Watching Violet work tends to cause my thoughts to wander as she is the physical destructive ying to my thoughtful methodical yang. While my skills tend to focus on charming and out thinking my adversaries, Violet’s true skill is violence. Her dedication to the art is just that, something amazing to behold, especially when it comes to watching a man like Titus Creech get beaten by a girl.

A cough of blood later, followed by Titus Creech’s collapse to the ground drew my eyes from the broken hooligan to Violet, chest heaving as she catches her breath from the workout, her eyes glimmering with that dancing flame that I have only once been on the other end.

She smiled wickedly. I bent low to eye the fellow’s one unswollen eye “Had enough, Titus?” I asked cheerfully, “I know she’s just a girl and all, so I appreciate you taking it easy on her…but now that we’ve all had a chance to laugh and relax, we need to get back to business. Why’d you try and double cross us? You had to know we’d track you down eventually.”

Titus groaned, blood dribbled from his half opened mouth, but no other sign of recognition caused me to sit back and roll my eyes sighing deeply as I looked up at my companion. This was the one and only drawback to working with Violet; she was skilled and enthusiastic…maybe too enthusiastic sometimes.

The look in her eye, like a pup that got caught in the pantry, drew as furrow across my brow. “Rather hard to question them when they’re unconscious, dear Violence,” I chided causing her to shrug.

“Marvin, do we have a problem?” she asked, and I waited a moment as she stared at the body. Then she smiled. “No problem….he’s still breathing!” I had to nod acceptance to that. Lord knows that there have been plenty of others that were not so lucky. She was a masterful combatant, a keen warrior, and a hard drinker. Looking at her, most wouldn’t suspect that beneath her skin lurked the fury of a supernova…and a number of interesting/deadly cybernetic enhancements. This worked in her favor, for most fights; nothing makes a job easier than when an opponent drops their guard, and Violet has a knack for making that very thing happen. I know, from personal experience.

I sighed. “All right,” I relented, “Grab him and let’s get to the ship.”
Violet smiled, and went to pick Titus up. Suddenly, as my hand moved to my ear to signal our team we were heading back, I felt a slight tremble in the air across my cheek. Frowning at the focused burst of air, the gasp behind me, followed by a hollow thumping sound caused me to turn. As I turned and looked at the body of the assailant who had attempted to sneak up behind me, and at the blackened hilt of the throwing knife protruding from his eye socket. I turned back and looked at Violet, her arm still outstretched from the throw. I raised an eyebrow.

“Your welcome,” she grinned wickedly. I shook my head and smiled. “Oh,” she added, as she hefted Titus’ body, and we began to leave, “Grab the knife, would you? It’s new.”

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