Chronicles of Rah: Cypher

So a number of years ago, some friends of mine started an RPG based in a futuristic world of my creation.  It was a hard world, like so many are.  A great oppressive “Republic” government beholden to Mega Corporations spanning thousands of light years.  Our hero’s were unique in their talents and personalities and the story they were embroiled in one of adventure, intrigue and politics.

Needless to say, our game like so many others, ended abruptly due to schedules and deployments.  But the idea, the spirit never died.

A few years later I decided I wanted to bring that world to life.  A chance to take my creation to a new reality and share my world with everyone.  This became the focus of my new book series; which is coming out in May.

Pulled from the stories our daring hero’s, I developed their story, honed the rough edges in hopes of creating a jewel that others would enjoy sharing.  And with that the Chronicles of Rah were created.

The curious aspect of characters created by other people and absorbed into a story of my making was the need to capture their voice.  The character of Rah, one of the main characters in our RPG was the creating of my friend and brother Mark.  His voice is universally unique and he brought a certain life to Rah.  A life I wanted to continue.  Of course, unless I was going to have Mark write the scenes of Rah’s character, I needed to assume that voice and make it my own.

With the permission of Mark, I took on the voice of Rah but found it was hard to understand that voice having not breathed life into him.  And that is the spark that created the first in the Chronicles of Rah series.  Cypher is a novella based on the events in Rah’s life that brought him to the events of the first main book Operation Mobius.

Cypher was an interesting test for me in that it was the first time I’d ever assumed the voice of a character I hadn’t actually created.  It was also the first time I’d written an extended length story in first person.  A writer can learn a lot about issues with writing when they write in first person.  Sometimes the way we think and the way we write don’t actually jibe.

I hope you will take a look at Cypher and enjoy it as a prelude to the series release in May.  Tell your friends, share your thoughts.


Flash Fiction Challenge: Harden your heart…

Upon waking in the back of a police car, with your hands covered in blood and no memory of the past day, you begin to ask questions. 1000 words.

The wail of sirens, muffled as if buried in a bag filled with cotton, filled my ears as I slowly came back to consciousness. The sirens drowned out muffled sounds of voices swirling around my foggy head. As light returned to my eyes it was blinding, flashes of shadows and light with blurred outlines and soft hues. As I started to focus more and gain a better understanding of my surroundings fear gripped my mind. Looking down I noticed my hands locked together by metal cuffs, the usually cinnamon tan skin covered in dark red stains that lead up the sleeves of my shirt. That’s when I realized I was in a police car….What in gods name happened I asked myself as I started to become more and more aware of the situation. The jumbled flashes of images in my do little to answer any questions about what happened. The last salient image that sticks out in my mind is that face, that sweet angelic face. Her soft angular latin features with her emerald green eyes and raven black hair. I could see her face in such detail as if it was right in front of me. I’d spent all weekend staring into that beautiful face. My friends had warned me getting involved with her was trouble, but there was something I couldn’t walk away from. Did she have something to do with what happened? Why couldn’t I remember anything but flashes?

“Dispatch this is Bravo Eight Two. We have suspect in custody. We are in bound to the precinct. Victims were DOA, medics are inbound medical examiner.

            “Roger Bravo Eight Two.”


            Victims??? The word rang in my ears for a moment as I looked down at the blood soaked hands and shirt. What could I have done? The flashes came again, fast and incoherent. There was a third face now, a male. The images rushed by like pedestrians on a busy New York street. Just barely getting a glance before it’s gone. It was hard to put the pieces together, but somehow there had been a roof of a building, the city skyline in the background. I can hear screams and yelling in my mind but can’t draw the parts together. The flashes swirl around and around in my head repeatedly until suddenly a shot rings out in my mind, followed closely by a second shot. The shots brought all of the flashes together. Slowly they weaved themselves together. She had been the forbidden fruit, the unattainable and yet the worst thing that could have happened did; love at first sight. Word had gone out that she was messing around with some other guy….me. We had spent the weekend together before word had found it’s way back to her. She tried to warn me off, tried to tell me to run and never look back but nothing seemed as bad as leaving her side. Her guy, some big shot of the latin quarter, didn’t take kindly to other guys flirting with his woman. His woman, she laughed at the label. She was no one’s but her own she would say. Then began the chase. A couple of his guys had spotted us as she tried to warn me off. Somehow we ended up on the roof of her apartment. That was when he found us. He was every bit the epitome of the part he played…tall, dark, angry. The pistol sticking out of the waist of his pants was a clear reminder of how far he was willing to go.

That’s when the argument ensued. Screaming and pushing, unfriendly recriminations regarding my character and my status. When I attempted to step in to explain myself to him was when the gun came out. Waving it around like a toy, he continued screaming at her and her at him. Now I may be crazy, but I have one rule, never handle guns while having an argument. I realized now that was when things went bad. Pushing her out of the way with a rather violent shove, he pointed the gun at me. More recriminations about my character and a number of poorly translated curse words flew from his arrogant mouth as he moved closer to me, the gun still pointed at me. I backed as far as I could until I was up against the edge of the building. I tried to reason with him, tell he got it all wrong. I knew it was a lie, but I was desperate for my life. RICO NO!!! She screamed. That was when the first shot rang out. I expected to feel the fire spread inside my body as the bullet tore into flesh. I looked down to look for the blood, or the wound. In the same split second, another shot rang out. I looked up to see Rico leaning over, his hand clutching his neck. That was when she hit me like a sack of potatoes. She crashed into me as she fell to the ground. I grabbed her with all my strength, but the weight and lack of balance broke my footing, causing me to slip and fall to the fire escape under the ledge. I must have hit my head in the fall. Sorrow fell over me as I realized that she was gone. My heart ached as I thought of her smile and her warmth. Now I had to make sure her death didn’t ruin my life anymore.