Flashback Repost

“You work for a large corporation, in a very large office building. You finish filing your last report and you are ready to head home. It’s been a long day, and you’re really happy to leave the office behind. But, as you reach for the office door, the lights go out”

Standing quietly in the darkness I allow my eyes to adjust to the light from the city outside as my senses begin searching for any sound out of the ordinary.  I notice that no light leaks in through the bottom of the door from the office outside. The lights at least are all out on this floor. I think to myself.  I begin to notice what seems to be a repeating vibration, carried on the glass of the building, slowly growing in intensity.  At the same time I catch a random sweep of red light from under the door.  Someone’s coming for Cypher.  Training from a previous life kicks in and I quickly but quietly make my way to my desk.  Tapping in a key code into the desktop display, a small door at the base of the desk opens and a door slides out, revealing a cube.  Taking the cube into my hand, I spare a second to admire the wonder of this technology.  A DNA locked organic crystal data system which carries more storage or processing power than any current computer system.  The vibrant thumping grows louder through the glass as my attention turns back towards the situation.  I can see numerous red lights sweeping the area outside the door now.  My mind searches frantically for an exit then suddenly I remember the rooftop to the secondary research lab is directly below the west window and only about twenty feet down.  Without hesitation I stride over to the small couch end table on the west wall and push it through the glass. The raucous crash of glass exploding into the night, resonating for blocks, surprised the men outside the door as they busted in.  Four men dressed in smooth armored suits, all carrying small automatic weapons with laser sights burst into the room running straight for the open window.

“Pick up one this is Lead, subject has dropped to secondary roof on west side of complex.  No visual, need eyes on” the voice from under the hardened combat face plate emitted from a speaker located somewhere in the helmets casing.

Two men scoured the room by the desk, recognizing the opened safe drawer meant their target has been removed.  None of the men noticed the dark figure in the business suit who slipped into the hallway after they burst in, nor did they notice the countdown on the secondary console signalling the anti-theft countermeasure which tripped once the crystal was removed from the safe.  As the turbo fan transport flew around the side of the building and settled just above the roof to the secondary research lab, a bright flash of light filled the night sky.  To most the plasma charge explosion was just an interesting flash in the night.  For the men and the chopper in the office the EMP of the charge blew out all of the electronics within two blocks, but the plasma flash disintegrated all matter within five hundred feet.


Flash Fiction, from 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder

You discover a diary with only one entry. This one entry gives you a grand insight into that person’s life. 50 words or less. Go!

“I walked through the tunnel, the wash of warm air and light cleansed my soul. I stepped out onto the rocky crag. Far below, the mountains in the distance and the valley floor so far away transformed my world forever. Misty breezes rush across my arms like wind over wings.”

“Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wing in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?”

A good friend of mine suggested I start a blog to help put my thoughts down on paper and to share my strange twisted mind with other.  Honestly I’m not sure why anyone would want to read what goes on in my mind, but I suspect the ride will be worth the trouble.  Hopefully we all can get something out of it in time.

The first thing I think I should explain the title.  Order needs Chaos….what does that mean?  I mean seriously, who want’s chaos in their life.  Isn’t there enough Chaos without adding more?  Sometimes that Chaos pushes you in another direction that you didn’t consider before.  A direction that changes your life forever.

What does a butterfly flapping its wings have to do with a Tornado in Texas?  While one obviously cannot truly effect another, a series of seemingly random and chaotic events can play off of each other to create a major life changing event.  Or even a not so life changing event.  How about what does a Volcano erupting in Iceland have to do with meeting my wife and giving birth to an amazing little boy?  What would you say if I told you that Volcano erupting was one random event that changed the path of my life down a different road and led me to meet my wife.  Would you say that I was crazy, hindsight is 20/20, you can always see patterns once their formed?

Possibly all are true and then there are those that would say it doesn’t matter, because the outcome was already decided and the random events meant nothing in the overall plan.  Can we really know whether the events shaped the outcome or the outcome shaped the events?  My life  seems to me to be a convergence of chaos which has always had some sort of unforeseeable order too it.  Is there Order in Chaos…?  Does Order need Chaos to exist?   I’ll save those questions for the philosophers and scientists!